14 Mar

Dogs need exercise to stay fit and healthy and the easiest way for you to help them is to take them for a walk. If a dog cooped up inside all day they will not be able to burn-off their fat. It’s a dog’s natural instinct to walk; wild dogs walk for hours per day on a regular basis, it isn’t right to deny our domestic companions of their exercise-time.

Walking your  dog has physical and psychological benefits for both the you and your pooch. Your dog needs to be outside to take advantage of all the stimuli around them such as smells, sights and sounds. Taking your dog on a walk will also help to keep the bond strong between you and them. It also gives your dog an opportunity to receive some positive attention from you while doing what he or she loves; walking, running and exploring.

Most dogs have a calm state of mind afterward a walk which is where the clichee “a tired dog is a happy dog”. Dogs are extremely active creatures and if they do not get out of the house enough then they may become depressed, feel anxious or start have behavioral problems.

If your circumstances prohibit you from walking or having your dog play play outside you may want to consider inquiring in outside help. If that doesn’t work for you either you may want to consider hiring a dog walkers to ensure that your dog receives regular outdoor-time.

It really is essential that dogs are walked regularly or have outside play daily. Not only does it help them physically and mentally but they deserve it.

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