Heading out on walks is one of the first things families look forward to after bringing home their newest four-legged friend. It’s supposed to be a time-honored tradition between man and man’s best friend where both ends of the leash have a grand time, but it unfortunately doesn’t always start out that way. Instead of being the dog’s favorite part of the day, the prospect of leaving the house for a trip around the block can be terrifying.

They run when they see the leash, resist all efforts to put their harness on, and dig their paws into the carpet when faced with the intimidating expanse that is an open front door. Once they’re outside, it only gets worse. Their tail stays tucked between their legs, and their steps are slow and hesitant. Some dogs also lash out with fear-based aggression. You want your pup to enjoy all the best things in life, and that includes the joy of going on a relaxing walk.

Our Private and Secure Dog Walking Field is perfect for both Dogs and Owners to be safe, relaxed and undisturbed by other people and Dogs during outdoor time..

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