Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Sawbridgeworth Dog Walking Field wants all visitors (Dogs and Human) to enjoy using our fields, but please observe the following terms and conditions to ensure your own safety and that of your Dog(s):

Please keep your Dog in your Car until the Dog using the field prior to you, is safely in their own Car.

Please do not crowd the gate or field boundary while you are waiting your turn to use the field.

Please do not approach any Dog without prior consent of the Dogs’ owner – and especially don’t approach a Dog with your own Dog!

Please remember that many of the Dogs who use our fields are nervous/reactive and they require space – both from other Dogs and from people – in order to enjoy their freedom!

All Dogs MUST be kept on a lead until safely secured in the field or safely secured in your Car. Dogs must NEVER be allowed to run free in either the Car park area or on the track!

All play dates held in the field are completely at the organisers and participants own risk.

Please note: We DO NOT permit use of any adverse training method or equipment at any time. Such methods and equipment include (but are not limited to) Shock collars, Prong/Pinch collars, Choke/Check collars and Spray collars (such as anti-bark collars).

Please always be aware of the time and be ready to leave the field at the end of your field hire time slot.

Please do not leave toys – especially broken toys – on the field

Please ensure that you allocate time in your slot to check that you haven’t missed any ‘Poo’ left by your Dog on the field.

All Dogs and people who enter the field, do so at their own risk.

All Dogs should be supervised by their owner/handler at all times.

Children under the age of 16 should have Adult supervision at all times.

Dogs and Children should never be left unattended on the field.

All cancellations less than 24 hours & ‘no shows’ will be charged the full booked price.

If we deem it appropriate to cancel your booking, for example due to extreme weather conditions, we will offer an alternative date and time.

Do not, at any time, allow your Dog to run free in the Farm yard or road area. Other animals are in close proximity!

You, as owner, are completely responsible for your Dog(s) at all times.

All field usage is completely reliant on a ‘Scoop your own Poop’ policy at all times.

We politely request that if you see a Dog Poo left on the field, that you dispose of this in order to keep the field as clean and hygienic as possible.

You are required to adhere to your time slot at all times. If you arrive late for your slot, unfortunately, you will still need to vacate the field at your booked end time.

All field use is pre-booked only! If you turn up unannounced, you WILL be turned away!

We require all Dogs to be immunised before use of the fields.

Please ensure Dogs are up-to-date with ‘Worm’ treatments or are showing clear ‘Worm counts’ before using our fields for the health and safety of other Dogs and people.

Due to the recent highlighted Tick problem in the country, please ensure that all Dogs are checked and treated regularly.

If your Dog has shown signs of Kennel Cough, Sickness or Diarrhoea in the past 72 hours, we request that you do not use our facilities.

Any Dog showing symptoms of Kennel Cough, Sickness or Diarrhoea, will be asked to leave the field and no monies will be returned to owners for usage cut short.

We will not be held responsible for any injury or illness contracted by any Dog or person who uses our fields.

Please do not allow Children to climb on our gates, walls or fencing.

If you see a breach in our fencing, or your Dog/Children causes a breach, you must report this to us immediately!

If applicable, any damage to any of our fencing or equipment is payable by you.

Please DO NOT allow your Dogs to chew our Agility equipment.

Any use of our equipment is completely at your own risk and you are totally responsible for the welfare of your Children and your Dog(s) at all times.

Dogs under 12 months of age should not be encouraged to jump as their bones and joints are still developing.

We will not be held responsible for you not closing gates and securing the field for your own use.

We kindly request that you close the gate properly upon vacating the field at the end of your booked time slot.

Where applicable, please respect users of neighbouring fields during usage of your own field.

We also request that you respect neighbouring houses and Livestock in close proximity and that you maintain control of your Dog at all times.

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT WE RELY ON A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR NEIGHBOURS IN ORDER TO PROVIDE THIS MUCH NEEDED RESOURCE! By upsetting our neighbours, we may lose the ability to use these fields for our Dogs freedom!

Should your Dog escape from the field, any damage caused to property or other animals is completely your responsibility and is payable by you.

Please be courteous of other users of our Car park area and do not block in any other Car at any time.

Our fence boundary is 1.9 meters in height, while our gate is 6 foot. If your Dog(s) breach these boundaries, we will not be held responsible. It is totally and completely your responsibility to gauge your Dogs ability of escaping from these boundaries.

All field use is completely at your own risk and we will not be held responsible for your negligence.

Our Agility equipment is designed to be used by Dogs only. Please do not let your Children play with or climb on such equipment.

Please be aware of your Dogs well-being in extreme weather. If it is too hot or cold for you to exercise, it is too hot or cold for your Dog also!

Please do not leave your Dog(s) in parked Cars – especially during sunny weather. Even on cold days, the sun can heat up a Car very quickly!

We reserve the right to break your Car window to release your Dog if we deem it necessary.

All field use is based on a 3 strike rule. If you fail to abide to these terms, you will receive 2 prior warnings. On receipt of a 3rd warning, you will be banned form using our facilities until it is deemed that you can abide by these terms.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.

By making a booking you have read these terms and conditions, you agree to all points above.